App Name: Time2Budget | Time & Task Manager [iOS App]

Cost: $3.99 USD

Developer: Arrken Software, LLC

App Market: Download Page


As our day-to-day lives grow increasingly complex, Time2Budget is a wonderful new app the helps individuals manage how they spend their time. Similar to how we budget finances, Time2Budget allows users to set predetermined times allotted to individual tasks, work projects or personal life. It is through effective time management that individuals can increase their daily productivity while maintaining a work-life balance. See how easy it can be to manage your days by downloading now.

Time2Budget features easy-to-use task management features, allowing users to separate their days and tasks however they please. Create customized categories to separate school, work, projects, family time and more…

Whether your tasks are personal or work related, Time2Budget makes managing them a breeze. Simply input your task, select a category, allot a time and you’re ready to go!

About The Developer
Arrken Software was started by myself, Robert Kennedy, during the beginning of development on Time2Budget last year. I am a college student from Monroe, Michigan studying computer science. I was inspired by a money budgeting application called YNAB to search for an app that manages time using the same principles for budgeting money, but could not find anything.

Between work and college I developed Time2Budget over the course of a year. I use my app frequently and want to be able to help others better manage their time to be as productive as they can. I delight to see others make the best of themselves as we all strive for self improvement. Work is underway on the first major update which will include iCloud sync and localization. Finally there are plans to expand the Arrken product line with two mobile games that are currently being prototyped.