The Voice Search Gallery, which is like Siri for your photo gallery, lets you easily search through your mobile photos and videos by voice: Find your photos and videos by saying when or where they were taken, or what you took pictures of.

Also, you can add searchable voice-tags to photos and videos. Now you can quickly find and share multiple photos and videos of your friends, vacations, cat, etc.

How can you do this?

  • You may quickly search for your photos and videos by saying when they were taken. This includes all the photos and videos that were on your device before you installed the app.
  • Photos and videos taken with the Voice Search Camera may be retrieved later by saying where the photo or video was taken.
  • You may also tag individual and group pictures using your voice with customizable search terms.
  • Search With True Privacy: You won’t have to upload your photos and videos to a cloud service or to photo sites like Google Photos or Picasa before you can search them. Instead, search your photos and videos directly on your device. No network connection or gallery sync required. That way, your photos & videos truly remain private until you want to share them.

Download it today from Google Play