App Name: Routes: Multiple Destination Optimization and Navigation [iOS App]

Cost: Free

Developer: Neiling Jem Enterprises LLC

App Market: Download Page


The idea is not novel, but no one has successfully made multiple destination optimization for mobile. Routes has a bunch of unique features. When you input all your destinations, you have the option to enter how long to spend at each destination and when you’d like to arrive by. Then, rather than bringing the user straight to a map, the app gives them a detailed trip briefing. And finally they get to their super simple turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, where the goal was to make a distraction free UI.

When you load a route, the app is actually compiling data from 4 different API’s. It chooses data providers based on their specialty, that way the app could maximize accuracy. No one does maps quite like Google, Inrix is the leader in real time and predictive traffic, MapQuest can optimize a route like no other, and Apple provides us perfect location accuracy.