App Name: My Mountain of Debt [iOS]

Cost: $0.99 USD

Developer: Fun with Data, LLC

App Market: Download Page


No one likes debt and not one likes keeping up with it.  Well this new app, My Mountain of Debt merges video game style elements to help you have fun while paying off your debt. What you do is put in your categories and amount of debt. Then as you pay off the debt, the busy little ant will chip away at that mountain.

The app is cute and pretty straight forward. I wonder how well it would be for kids to use to teach them about paying off their bills (if they have any!)?

Here are some of key features of the app:

  • Tells a story that unfolds as you make payments
  • Monitors how you, the main character, progress through the game with each payment
  • Provides instant feedback as your mountain of debt diminishes brick by brick
  • Illustrates through an animated bar graph your personal debt amounts lowering with each payment
  • Creates a new visually rewarding way of paying off debt
  • Designed to make user interface easy and efficient