Yesterday I reviewed Todoist, a cool new task management app. Well, today I have a q&a post with Amir Salihefendic, founder of Doist.

From the July 23rd Press Release, announcing the addition of Android to the list of apps:

This update is a complete and total rewrite of Todoist’s mobile applications. One of the top priorities was to create an entirely new user interface; this can be both seen and felt in the app’s improved UX, new left panel, and updated flat skin design. Naturally, the performance and speed of Todoist for iOS and Android has drastically improved.

Another element of Todoist’s improved UI design is the newly added Inbox feature that allows the user to add items and tasks much easier than before. The inbox provides a centralized place where all new tasks will be added by default– from now on, selecting a specific project to assign to each task will not be necessary. This new feature is especially useful for new users. When running the app for the first time, you can immediately start adding tasks to the default inbox before creating a higher level of task­ organization: projects.

Q. Tell us a little about your company

A. Todoist forms part of Doist, we are a virtual company of 15 people working around the globe dedicated to providing the most powerful software to increase people’s productivity. We see ourselves as a productive and passionate team comprised of designers, engineers, and communicators united by a common goal, not a common location. We understand the tools our customers need to succeed in today’s workplace, because we need them too! We build them, share them, and use them to power new ideas, new improvements, and new ways of working. It’s how we’ve accomplished amazing things, and it’s how we help our customers do the same.

Q. What make Todoist unique?

A. Although Todoist provides many features (please see the next question) that similar services don’t, what really singles Todoist out is our minimalist design and outstanding UX and UI. We strive to be the most simple yet most powerful task-manager on the market and this vision has allowed us to achieve this standard that our competitors just don’t have.

Q. Why should someone use your program vs say Wunderlist, etc?

A. Since 2007, we’ve continuously evolved to offer the most cutting-edge tools while never losing sight of our mission and minimalistic vision. Todoist offers many features that Wunderlist does not such as labels and tags, setting task priorities, sending tasks to your calendar, color coded tasks, and productivity tracking.

Q. What are future plans for the service?

A. We have a big launch prepared for September called Todoist Next. It will feature some of the most requested features from our users and something that has not been implemented in a todo list yet. We are really excited about this! 🙂

Q. What is the role of Karma in the service?

A. This feature allow you to track your productivity by day and by month showing you one which days you’ve completed most task and the total karma points you’ve earned by either completing tasks (positive karma) or postponing tasks (negative karma). The more tasks you complete on time, the more karma you receive, and thus the more difficult it becomes to earn more karma. It’s a gamification method that we introduced in order to encourage our users to increase their productivity further and get more things done!

Q. How does one save URLs?

A. We have created a Google Chrome plug-in and Firefox extension for Todoist that allows the user to save websites and emails as tasks with one single click. This is the perfect tool to quickly save URLS. The best way to save URLs from an iOS device is to copy the URL, go back to the Todoist app, and paste in into the task field.

Well that was all I had for today. We will need to stay tuned to see what the big launch in September will be. Thanks again to Amir  for taking some time with us today.