App Name: Ifyoupic [iOS]

Cost: $0.99 USD

Developer: ari vigo

App Market: Download Page


ifyoupic is a social network app that let you create pics with messages about your life and share, like, re-blog and re-tweet them with people that are the same as you.  It’ s got beautiful designs and uses swipe and tap gestures with colorful animation. It is both fun and easy to use.  With the app, you can write your own customized message or any text you want.

ifyoupic can be used for all popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, twitter and more.


  • 96 messages to share, re-blog and re-tweet.
  • write your own messages to share.
  • 63 beautiful gorgeous designs.
  • use swipe to explore the designs with cool animation.
  • share icons: heart and thumb up (like), re-blog and re-pin.
  • share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and camera roll and more.