App Name: Doubting Dasha [iOS]

Cost: $3.99 USD

Developer: Tatyana Mironova

App Market: Download Page


New EPIC story for KIDS released! Sometimes courage comes in small packages. Join Dasha as she races against time to save her village and confronts the dark forest, whispered to contain giants, wolves, witches and other monsters. Feel the magic pulsing as the adventure unfolds, and help her complete her quest!

With this app:

  • Leap into a MAGIC world of SURPRISES!
  • Help SAVE the village!!
  • Can you solve the RIDDLES and find the grain?
  • Stuffed with TRICKY games, can you win?!
  • Meet exotic BEASTS from myth and legend!

Dasha needs your help! Join her in her quest to solve the mystery and shows unexpected courage and bravery to save her village. Enter the dreary forest to discover what lays in wait!

Feel the magic of story time! Create enchanted moments for your child with vivid illustrations, compelling narration, innovative interactions, and a unique story that will delight kids and parents alike.