App Name: Tippy (Tip Calculator) [Android]

Cost: Free /$0.99 USD

Developer: Simple Complexity

App Market: Download Page


Tippy was developed because there is a lack of “style” in the other tip calculators out there.

Tippy is a simple, easy to use, tip calculator that is compatible with android 2.2+. When you go to a restaurant or diner simply whip out your phone and put in the amount of your bill and pick a percentage 10%/15%/20% or use the slider to pick a percent, and your tip amount will be displayed along with your total bill

My tip calculator comes with a simplistic holo theme for those running Android 4.0+. It also allows for including or not including tax in the tip along with splitting the check between multiple people.

The free version is Ad-supported but, there is a $0.99 version that does not include ads and will have more features in the future.