New App: QR Pal

Description:  QR Code and Barcode scanner launched in August 2011, but has just announced the release of a new and improved version of the app (1.0.8).

“Although we have received some excellent reviews from the initial launch of the App, there were a number of points raised by our users and we have taken all feedback on-board and have implemented a large number of improvements and changes to address these items and to further improve the user experience.” said Adam Leese, Chief Marketing Officer, QR Pay Ltd.

QR Pal has been developed to be the one of the most useful and advanced QR Code and Barcode scanner available on the market enabling users to Scan, Store and Share their codes. The App also features a Payment facility and includes “Safe Browsing” making it the first security focused QR Code App of its kind.  The new version of the QR Pal App (1.0.8) includes the following changes:

  •  New start-up wizard to make it easier to register and set-up for new QR Pal users.
  •  Android navigation improvements allowing users to navigate the application using the standard Android menu.
  •  Updated scanner to allow users to scan QR Codes and standard barcodes without adjusting the phone’s orientation.
  •  Improved product scanning feature introducing locale based shopping results from Google, Amazon and Best Buy (US only) plus more on the way…
  •  Duplicate scan checking feature
  •  New in-built web browser so that users don’t have to leave the application for shopping results and following web links. This option can be turned off in the settings menu if required.
  •  Short-cut generation feature allowing users to create short-cuts from the Android short-cuts menu.
  •  New option to disable the splash screen in settings to improve the application start-up speed.
  •  Social network post improvements
  •  Improved account registration validation
  • Updated SafeScan to fix an issue related to internet connectivity
  •  View scan detail page updated to remove map button if location was not detected when scan took place.

Cost: Free

Developer: QRPal Ltd

Market: Android Market