In traditional schooling days, technology was non-existent. It was just a classroom with a chalkboard, desks, and no means of checking a non-existent phone throughout the day. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. Technology has opened up a world of new experiences and ideas to be learned and made it a whole lot easier for the development and for learning new skills, from the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Here’s a closer look at how technology can really improve your education experience.


Apps exist to make everything easier, and that applies to your education, too. Especially since most of your education these days would be carried out on smart devices and the latest pieces of technology, meaning it’s important to optimize your devices with the latest software and apps available to you.

There is a wealth of apps to better help you study more effectively. This could be anything from motivational apps, document apps, or time-management apps. Allow apps to help you better manage your study progress. Create a study schedule through an applicable app, set a study tracker through an app, or make revision and study notes through the latest note-taking apps to help visually display your information better on all devices.

Whatever you need, there’ll be an app for it.

Online Learning

There now exists an entirely separate learning institution called online learning. Traditionally, if you wanted to gain a degree, you had to go to the university physically. If you wanted to learn a new skill set, you had to go to a class physically. If you wanted to obtain an official accreditation, you may have to sit an exam – at a real desk, in a public place.

Online learning omits the need for all of that, and instead offers the same valuable education and qualifications, only through online means. This can be extremely enticing and beneficial to people who have thought about a potential change in career later in life and may need a new degree or qualification than what they already studied for in their youth. It’s also appealing to people who have busy lifestyles and wish to earn a wage alongside furthering their educational development.

The ease and openness of online learning mean that more people are perhaps willing to consider further education, such as a Master’s degree. The idea of having to re-attend university in person in order to obtain a higher degree may serve as a reason to dissuade an individual, as this can very time consuming and difficult to re-adjust to if you’ve long been out of the educational environment. By instead offering higher degrees through online learning, more people will be open to considering it.

Institutions like Michigan Tech offer online masters in electrical engineering, along with an array of relevant online degree courses you may be interested in, showing that even in those career paths where the work is physical and about practical building and being out on-site, you can still obtain the next step through online learning from your own home.

The Latest Gadgets

Through the development of technology comes the need to ensure that you have the latest gadgets and devices capable of running the latest programs and software. With technology ever-changing and updates being made, you’ll need a device which can handle all of that and keep up to ensure that your study habits and education won’t suffer or be left behind.

This is even more crucial with online learning because you depend entirely on technology and the use of the internet. This means you are better investing in high-quality technology, such as a laptop or desktop computer, to comfortably be able to study and do the work required of you.

You may also consider helpful pieces of kit such as noise-canceling headphones if you need to study in peace.

Social Media

You may think this only serves as a distraction, but social media is a powerful tool in life. Obviously, if you are using social media in a frivolous way then it will only serve as a distraction (and there’s nothing wrong with doing that in your free time), but social media can also easily give you access to those powerful influencers who may be on the same career journey as you.

Social media opens up an easy platform to communicate with others, whether businesses or individuals, giving you more freedom to explore specific career paths and education choices. Perhaps an influential and successful person you admire has posted publicly about their own education and how important it can be, or what they did education-wise in order to achieve their career. Without social media, there wouldn’t be as open and easy a platform to discuss relevant topics.

Most online learning institutions will also have social media profiles, meaning that if you are studying with them, it’s important always to check and follow their social media pages for the latest updates and news, ensuring you stay in the loop.

Easier Research

Gone are the days when you had to sift through dusty books on a library shelf and take notes only using pen and paper. This doesn’t mean libraries aren’t still great resources, of course, but the way you can use them has all changed. The internet and online research now mean you can easily investigate any area of your education at the click of the button, and have access to library resources and documents through their official website and online files rather than physically having to travel there.

This means you save a lot of time which would otherwise have been spent trying to find the answers to your questions, and also enables you to have a broader knowledge regarding things you’re required to know for your particular educational path.

It also means you have better access to professionals, all over the world, who may be able to answer your questions via online chat or email.