There are many social media sites people use nowadays. Facebook was introduced back in 2004 and after that we saw many other platforms emerge in the competition. Now even all countries have their specific social sites. Among these was another platform called SnapChat. This platform has taken over all the competitors because of its great attraction for the users.

SnapChat is more popular among teens and kids than the young and adult people. There are many reasons why SnapChat is so popular and the leading social platform. It has even overtaken Facebook when it comes to rating and popularity. Facebook has extremely impressed with SnapChat features and tries to purchase the app. But they were unsuccessful so they copied their features to offer in Facebook.

So when Facebook is copying SnapChat, you can understand how popular and engaging this site is. This platform is app based so you will not see its desktop version like Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. This is the thing that makes SnapChat dangerous and harmful for the children and teens. Here we will talk about its possible dangers for the children, how parents can handle their children when they are SnapChat addict and what measures will be helpful to keep teens safe on SnapChat.

Monitoring Your Children with BlurSPY App

Many parents want to monitor their kids in order to check their online and social media activities. Parents are really concerned about how the kids use social sites and SnapChat. BlurSPY is a best spy app that helps parent’s tracks their children in a number of ways. The app allows parents to check various activities of their children when they are using their devices. Use of social Media can also be monitored with the app.

  • Install the App

The first thing is to get the download link of the app. You have to install the app on the device of your child. It may seem difficult but we are making it easy for you. Take the device of your kid for a few minutes, open the download link and install the app. It will work in the background. The app doesn’t have any icon that likes other apps on the device. So it will not be possible for your child to know you have installed a spy on their device.

  • Log in to Dashboard

You will be provided with credentials to log in to the dashboard. This section includes all the features; commands you will use to track the device. The data and files are saved in the dashboard for the users. You can access the data anytime. Whenever you have to track the device or use any feature, log in and activate the feature. The app will start spying on the device of your child.

  • Start Monitoring

In the feature, there is an option to live record the screen of the device. This options lets you capture the live screen of the phone of your child or target person. When the feature is turned, the app shows the screen of the device and you will be able to check all social media sites and apps. Here you can view the live screen recording of SnapChat what your child posts and shares, their newsfeed, locations, images as well as the personal messages. You will be able to keep the files for a long time in order to use anytime later.

The app is not just for SnapChat, you can track all other social media sites and apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik Messenger, Tik Tok, Yahoo and Tinder. The app makes it pretty easy for parents to keep eyes on the social media activities of their children.

Why Should Parents Monitor Their Kids?

In the earlier section, we have talked about how kids are addicted to the social networking sites. They also use the dating sites for finding partners and their matches. This is not just limited to here. They further meet strangers and date them. With all this, the security of the kids is compromised.

Parents are concerned and want to keep their kids safe. This is one of the best ways to use a spy app like BlurSPY and track the kids all the time. This app has many other features that can make parenting really simple. You can check their phone calls, text messages, live locations, multimedia, gallery images, audio files, voice messages, instant messengers as well as the browsing and internet history. These features are essential for perfect parenting.