In order to facilitate and entertain the users, new apps are being introduced every day. This crowd of apps creates a very tough competition and quite expectedly, the best ones win. However, the users are always looking for better options and do not hesitate in switching apps if provided with a fetching opportunity. This article is going to show you how to keep your users enticed with your app with very simple steps that the makers usually overlook.

1.    Research is key

If you want users to stick to your app, you need to walk in their shoes. Think like the user, interact with them and learn about what they would want. Learn about their preferences, priorities and tastes. Market research is one of the most important contributing factors for the popularity of an app. When your app will be engineered in accordance with the consumers’ demand and needs, its success is entirely ensured. So, keep an eye on the people’s changing preferences and structure your app relevantly. This will surely earn you loyal users.

2.    Always be on your toes

One of the most significant traits of successful creators is to always strive to fill the room for improvement. They look for ways to make their apps better all the time and never turn sluggish if their app is doing well. They aim for better. So you need to stay abreast with all the upcoming breakthroughs in technology and find a way to install the relevant ones in your app. Just keep updating your app for the convenience of your users and you will have happy users.

3.    The simpler the better

The users already have to deal with a lot of complicated things in their lives on a daily basis. The last thing they need is a complex app in their phones which they have to struggle with. Simplifying your app will make your app user friendly and the consumers will be attracted to it because it will take least of their time and brain. Not all of the users are tech-savvy; a complicated app will make them irritated and they might develop an aversion for your app if they have to struggle to operate it. Easier layouts and options make apps appealing.

4.    Ace that first impression

First impression really matters when it comes to apps. If your users are greeted with dull and very basic signup pages or login screens, they may not be very much intrigued to keep the app. The attention of the users can be grabbed by welcoming them with dynamic informative screens where they are educated regarding the features your app. This tells them what they can expect from your app. Afterwards, a signup screen can be made to appear. It creates a background of your app for the users and they are more likely to sign up and stay on your app for a longer time.

5.    Do not force your app on your users

While it is clever to stay active in your users’ lives by sending them push notifications and alerts for updates, overdoing them may cause more harm than good. Receiving too many notifications from your app can put them off. They get agitated and some even get anxiety by so many notifications every time they go online. Keep your notifications in check and adopt a balanced approach. Make an effort to make them remember you but do not forget to give your users their space.

6.    Respect the feedback

Users feel important and cared for when you ask them about their opinion of your app. Ask your users to rate your app, add a comments and suggestion section for how they think the app can be made better for them. Do not adopt a defensive approach to criticism. Be open to it. Also, do not just take their theoretical suggestions. Make an actual effort to see if these ideas are in some way feasible and always thank your customers for it. Let them know you care about their opinion and respect what they have to say.

In conclusion, if you want your users to stay involved, look through their eyes, relate with them, ask for their opinions and always strive for achieving better than yesterday.

About the AuthorMegan Dennis is a passionate tech blogger at Appiskey, a Florida based Mobile App Development Company specializes in iOS and Android game development. She is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles. Follow @megandennis07 for more updates.

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