App Name: Dig Deep! [Android, iOS Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Flippancy and Noodlecake Studios

App Market: Download Page


Originally released back in June of 2016, Dig Deep! the Intergalactic Mining adventure is finally coming to Google Play.

For those not familiar in Dig Deep! you play as Roger the most famous, moustachioed miner in the galaxy. After earths gold stores are depleted, it is up to you and your motley crew of miners from the Intergalactic Mining Guild to head out to distant and dangerous planets to get those sweet sweet nuggets.

Dig Deep! is an action adventure game with a procedurally generated world full of aliens, traps, power ups and of course, GOLD! Each of Rogers companions has different abilities which will help you along your journey to completing the various missions thrown at you.

For example, does your mission require you to collect high amounts of gold? Then Lillian is your best bet as her special ability allows for 2x gold collection. Need to bash some baddies? Then Alduco is your man/alien…thingy?

Characters and the precious Opriate Gems (used to upgrade your character abilities) are unlocked through levelling up which happens when you complete mission sets. Each level provides you with a new perk and the ability to, you guessed it, dig deeper.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan