App Name: Tiny Bombers [iOS Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Ahoy Games

App Market: Download Page


Tiny Bombers features swipe based single handed controls, colorful graphics, procedurally generated world, challenge areas, multiple world themes.

The level is collapsing behind you, so you have to push onward if you want to stay alive. Since Tiny Bombers is an endless game, your main focus is to get as far you can while collecting coins. You will always find some new traps and fresh challenges in front of you!

Game comes with 15 playable characters at launch, including characters like Señor Presidente. Each character comes with funny voices/sounds and effects. All characters can be unlocked via coins that can be earned in game, therefore one can enjoy the game to it’s fullest without ever purchasing anything or seeing any advertisement

Game supports local coop play via Apple TV. One player plays using Apple TV’s remote, other player joins in through wifi with their mobile phone using Tiny Bombers game as a client.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan