Tower Defense, Zombies, and Cards

There’s a couple of new games in the app store. If you like defending towers from invading zombies while playing cards, then this is the place to be. This list contains a tower defense game, a zombie game, and a card game.

Battle for Candora (iOS)

This is a card game with a story based on eating healthy foods. It takes place on a candy-themed world called Candora. The goal is to find Gluconium-6. The deck of cards contains foods and famous people. Use three of them on the battlefield. Move them into place and activate their abilities. Here’s more details:

  • Attack position and support positions
  • 65 missions
  • 12 zones in Candora
  • Gauntlet Mode
  • 200+ collectible cards
  • 12 unique soundscapes
  • Story-driven quests and cutscenes
  • Easy to learn deck-building system

Final Fortress – Idle Survivor V2 (iOS, Android)

This is a zombie game. The premise is to fight off waves of zombies. You can build a fortress with upgradeable rooms to keep them at bay. There are 16 floors to unlock. Fill them with survivors and defend it against invading zombies. Grow food and generate power. Take survivors with you. Here’s a list of additional features:

  • Radioactive YOLO Boost makes workers more productive
  • Blueprints for special rooms
  • Coffee Time – double income and productivity for 20 seconds
  • Lucky Wheel filled with gifts

Tower Defense Generals (Android)

This is another tower defense game. The goal is to protect your tower against armored cars, drones, and tanks. The towers have laser guns, machine guns, missile launchers, and vehicle support. There are 20 military enemies with different abilities and weaknesses. Plan your defense accordingly. Here’s a list of additional features in this game:

  • 18 levels
  • Upgrade system lets you maximize towers to match strategy
  • 3 difficulty modes
  • HD graphics and 3D special effects