Cloudifile is a smart tool to sync any number of selected folders with Dropbox and protect data at the same time with strong encryption. Cloudifile for Android is an important extension of the solution enabling access to the protected data within Dropbox from Android devices as well as secure uploading of data from a device to the cloud and thus to any synchronized desktop folders.

Cloudifile system is built around Dropbox and allows users to forget about a single Dropbox local folder and manual data copying/moving there. Using simple and intuitive Cloudifile, users can sync any local folders from multiple desktops with Dropbox in a couple of clicks. Documents from a work computer, Pictures from a home one, Downloads, or whatever custom folder can be seamlessly synchronized with the user’s Dropbox cloud storage.

Cloudifile additionally protects data encrypting it locally and in the cloud using a smart zero-knowledge security scheme, so the data owner is the only one who can access content even if the Dropbox account is compromised.


– Uploading data directly from the app into Cloudifile
– Uploading data from other apps installed on device
– Sharing data with other apps installed on device
– Downloading to device in decrypted form
– Deleting file/folder from Cloudifile

Download for Android (iOS coming soon)