Business graphics and diagram editors are traditionally one of the most demanded productivity apps. That is why there are tens of such solutions on the App Store. But all these apps are designed for one or rarely for two platforms. If users need to work with the documents on different devices or if they need to collaborate with the colleagues who operate on other mobile platforms the choice becomes much harder. Import and export between different diagram formats inevitably result in errors and corruptions. It´s practically impossible to arrange the two-way exchange of such files between the apps with incompatible formats.

With Grapholite users are able to work with the native app on every platform: iOS, Windows 8, Android and Windows Phone. This is a unique ability to operate graphic documents on different devices in a single format without the need to convert them with the fatal loss of data.


Grapholite is able to create all types of business diagrams such as flow charts, floor plans, network layouts, ui mockups, uml, mind maps, org charts, venn charts, bpmn, web-site structures, technical drawings. The app is equally helpful for students and teachers, enthusiasts and corporate users. The latter will especially appreciate complete support for business process modelling notations including BPMN 1.2 and BPMN 2.0 standards.

With Grapholite users are able to design even the most complex diagrams with a couple of taps. The app provides an extensive library of pre-set stencils which are not just shapes, but smart objects with plenty of properties. An intellectual algorithm of connector layout helps making automatic connections between the diagram elements as neatly as possible.

Get it for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

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Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan