App Name: GLTYR [iOS App]

Cost: Free for one month

Developer: Dr. S Sudhakar

App Market: Download Page


GLTYR is a mobile multimedia content creation and sharing service for realtors, individual service providers and small businesses with extremely limited marketing budgets to quickly engage and build trust with their customers. GLTYR is simpler, faster and cheaper than using a professional.

GLTYR integrates one or more of audio, video, picture and text with the ability to send updates real time from anywhere at any time to anyone in five minutes or less, and renders them across different interfaces including phone, tablet and the desktop.


  • Succinct summary (500-characters).
  • Present a picture.
  • Upload a 30 second audio clip to provide a descriptor or a testimonial or a voice to your message.
  • Upload a 30 second video clip to speak, show, tell, sing, dance, act, and play.
  • Include clickable links to contact info, email, phone and website.

GLTYR = Give life to your reality.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan