Today we are covering a couple new games from the folks over at Crazy Labs.

Primitives Puzzles in Time

Description: Primitives is a single-player puzzler that tests your timing, focus, and creativity. With endless options to move through time and space in dozens of levels, players must strategically maneuver through each puzzle to uncover new colors and designs. If you’ve made a wrong turn, choose what point in time to return to and chart a new route. Primitives lets you draw your own course and change the path as you go, challenging your ability to skillfully navigate obstacles and collect the stars in as few finger swipes as possible. The game lets you move in harmony to a mesmerizing, original electronic soundtrack.


  • More than 90 levels of abstract puzzles with increasing difficulty levels
  • Designed for players of all ages while challenging enough for more experienced players
  • Fluid time-scrubbing mechanics
  • Varying gameplay with intuitive visual mechanics
  • Master each primitive shape with differing time perceptions
  • An original soundtrack of tranquil tunes to accompany each puzzle

Download: App Store Google Play, Amazon Appstore

Airheads Jump

Description: In Airheads, the bouncing crew of beach ball characters have crashed their plane in the rainforest and been captured by the angry Tikis. To free the Airheads, players must hop through dozens of levels, smacking angry Tikis and capturing treasure and butterflies along the way. A parrot friend guides Airheads ranging from wizards to vampires to pirates through each increasingly challenging level, introducing new scenery and prizes along the way. Use spongy mushrooms and palm fronds to propel yourself to the top of the jungle, tilting your screen in time to the airy tropical tunes. Beat all the levels to escape the treacherous Tikis and free your fellow Airheads.


  • Over 100 levels to climb through the jungle
  • Power ups and boosts for jumps with serious height
  • Numerous Airhead characters to choose between
  • Smooth game mechanics controlled by tilting your screen

Download: App Store

About Crazy Labs
Crazy Labs is a new publishing brand of TabTale, a top 10 global publisher of mobile games by download volume. Crazy Labs was formed to publish interactive mobile games for older audiences, capitalizing on TabTale’s existing market success and expertise in the childrens apps market. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Crazy Labs partners with independent development studios across the globe to create engaging mobile content for audiences aged 13 and older, expanding the breadth and range of TabTale’s mobile offerings.

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Larry Sullivan