App Name: Defense 39 [Android, iOS Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Sirocco Mobile

App Market: Download Page


Defense 39  introduces a brand new, innovative approach to the Tower Defense genre. With hundreds of enemy units on-screen, weaponry which really does make a difference, instead of just changing a few stats and the intuitive aiming system, the game came out to be absolutely unique and dangerously addictive.

As dedicated opponents of in-game microtransactions, here at Sirocco Mobile we decided to introduce a single-time extra feature payment system (Defense Super Pack), which will allow the player to fully enjoy the game and all its features without any additional expenses.

The upgrade system is based on collecting medals during gameplay, so it is as easy as collecting them, instead of spending your money on endless microtransactions. It does not get any easier than that and the player has the certainty that the game won’t ask for payment in order to allow progression at some point.

Game features

  • a whole new approach to the Tower Defense genre
  • unique, intuitive targeting system
  • massive number of units simultaneously on-screen
  • 10 varying locations with over 70 missions
  • variety of weapons, the choice of which DOES matter
  • 3 distinctive survival modes