InvoicePro is a newly released iPad app for business. Appropriate for independent contractors or companies with as many as 50 employees, InvoicePro is an iPad application to create, manage and electronically distribute estimates, invoices and purchase orders.

InvoicePro makes it easy to create detailed estimates. With point-and-tap ease, users add any assortment of products and services to an estimate. Customers and suppliers can be imported from existing database or added individually. Estimates can be personalized with logos and company details, then instantly printed or sent to prospects via e-mail as a PDF file. Options include the creation of delivery notes, purchase orders and credit notes.

InvoicePro ensures rapid payment with an invoicing system that is easy to use and automatically calculates sums, discounts and taxes. Invoice sorting tells users which invoices are overdue so they can take action and enhance cash flow. As a tool for business growth, InvoicePro helps users manage accounts receivable, understand who their best customers are and move rapidly from estimates to full payment for products and services. An dashboard with charts shows month-by-month income as well as the top 10 customers and top 10 outstanding invoices. With cloud-based storage and synchronization available, all critical financial documents are securely stored and available 24/7.

There are three InvoicePro subscription plans available. A Free subscription provides users 10 documents to thoroughly test the application. A Basic subscription, with a one-time cost of $9.99, provides 50 documents; and a Professional subscription with a monthly fee of $4.99 provides unlimited documents with cloud storage.