App Name: AirCover Security [Android App]

Cost: Free

Developer: BlueSprig, Inc.

App Market: Download Page


Worried about the potential danger of mobile malware? Or you’re concerning about the limited pro features? If yes, free download AirCover Security, the combination of Lookout and Kaspersky, can help you out with the most both free and pro features at an affordable price. AirCover Security focuses on phone protection, including: Anti-Virus, Anti-theft, Web protection, Privacy Advisor, Performance, Call & SMS Blocker etc.


  • Checkup–One-touch checkup
  • Anti-Virus–Custom scan.  Real-time protection
  • Web Protection–AirCover web shield protects you from phishing, fraud, harmful sites and malware to ensure the safe of all your mobile account and browsing.
  • Anti-Theft– Locate your phone, backup contacts
  • Privacy Advisor–ADdetector: monitors apps with annoying ads and uninstall unwanted apps forever.
  • Performance– Speed up,  Optimization shortcut
Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan