A free service best described as a ‘portfolio of good experiences – with less noise’ launches this April.

The Compass.To iPhone app is expected to be released for the U.S. market this April. The new hyper-local service, which is currently in pre-release phase, allows users to easily capture memorable moments and offers useful information about other awesome experiences in their neighborhood – all combined in themed Compasses.

A well-cultivated Compass is almighty for its owner or followers: It connects them with their moments and friends. This means music, images and even data about a place’s sustainability. Neighboring close friends will be notified when they mingle in a set Compass-radius — without check-ins or interrupting people’s valuable conversations. Less noise, more benefits.

Compass.To was first publicly demoed at New York’s Next Big Thing in September 2012. The Beta has since been available to selected testers in New York, Berlin and Vienna. Compass.To is currently pending approval by Apple’s App store and is expected to be available for free download in the U.S. this April.

Made by Brooklyn-based start-up Hugleberry Corp, Compass.To is currently optimized for New York users and will later extend to further cities in the U.S. and Europe. Development of further platforms such as Windows Phone, Android and more is under way and to be released later this year.


Users sign up with their email address or Facebook/Twitter account to access or share location-based content on Compass.To. Users can find or create themed compass collections from where they are. Some compasses people created are for example: “Best Brooklyn Surf”, “NY Hangover Cures”, “Made in BKLYN”. Compasses are filled with special experiences at certain places, which are added as Spots, Snaps and Songs. A personal verdict clues other users in on the experience or can indicate how planet-friendly a Spot is. Users keep their compasses private, unless they choose to share them with friends and other users whose profiles match by interest and location.


Compass.To maximizes life! Compass.To reinvents the way preserve real experiences as digital content in a way that creates meaning and value. Each compass is a collection of content-in-context offering relevant neighborhood knowledge and will be most often used for inspiration, trip-planning or a guided walk through local experts’ lives. Compass.To embodies everything that’s valuable to navigate real life, right where it happens, and away from timelines and irrelevant newsfeeds.

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