App Name: Tiny Story [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: Andrius Urbonavičius / Asteroid Pilots

App Market: Download Page


It’s a small mind game which will consist of several chapters. First chapter is titled In love. This part is about a small bug, which is trying to win his girlfriend’s heart.

Game has simple point & click control. This means, that you have just click and sometimes drag objects to solve the puzzle. Click and drag on any place to find arrow buttons which let you move between different places.


  • Entire chapter is one big smart puzzle.
  • Lovely ambient design and sound.
  • Big objects and touchable areas.
  • Click effect to know that object is clickable.
  • Navigation arrows are hidden to save screen space. Player must find them by dragging screen in different directions.
  • Hints.
  • 4 users to play on the same device.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan