PicStory allows you to manage your photos in a way that you can never imagine! The app comes with bunch of features as follows:

  • Organize your albums by Timeline
  • Organize your albums by Titles
  • Enjoy the best quality of gallery with convenient and various functions
  • Import your pictures from Photo library, Dropbox, Picasa, and iTunes to PicStory
  • Back-up and save your albums to iPad, desktop PC, Picasa or Dropbox
  • Protect your privacy for selected albums through locking mode
  • Slideshow with various effects
  • Embed text/audio notes

See what others have said about the app:

It’s a photo management app that enables users to create special albums devoted to particular interests, all from their photos stored in numerous different places. It’s simple to use and attractive to look at.   Read more:

Picstory offers users a great way to organize photos into albums. Read more:

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Larry Sullivan