App Name: Planet Slammers for Android

Cost: Free

Developer: Abismo Games

App Market: Download Page


Slam your planet against other planets. Multiplayer and single player modes. Slam your planet against other planets to complete all missions. Knock all of your opponent’s planets off of the sector to win. Swipe to move your planet or hold the swipe to make a power shot. Use your special abilities: Fire makes you faster, Wind hides your planet, Ice shields you.

3 game modes:
+ Multiplayer – compete online with your facebook friends;
+ 31 free missions: complete them all;
+ Endless mode – survive and defeat as many enemies as you can. Compare scores with players worldwide.

Several combinations of enemies, difficulty and objectives. New missions with updates.

Larry Sullivan

Larry has been writing Android and iOS app reviews for about 4+ years. In addition to app reviews, he conducts developer interviews, reports on new apps, and general mobile news. In addition to his own blog, App Review Central, Larry is a contributor to numerous other Android and iOS app review sites.

Larry Sullivan