PerBlue to Release Parallel Zombies, a Location-Based Action MMORPG for Android

Last week I got the opportunity to snag a sneak peak at a new game coming out, just for Android! Parallel Zombies will be hitting Google Play on July19th! PerBlue, the company behind Parallel Kingdom and Parallel Mafia has produced their 3rd location-based action MMORPG game for Android. If you are not familiar with those games, you can check out my posts:

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Parallel Zombie will have many similar features/options that are currently present in the other parallel games but will also  a number of nice additions.

  • The playing board is location based, so  you will be playing where you live.
  • There are 3 classes of characters  and 3 skill tracks  with 9 skills in each track.
  • The key element in the game is mission play- As you move about, you will find areas with missions. Complete the mission to get resources and create relationships with the NPCs  you just rescued. These new friends will come back and provide you with more missions in the future.
  • When doing missions, you can play solo or as a group
  • You will use a virtual joystick to move around.
  • Trading will not be as big in the game but it still exists.  ‘Food’ will be the main in game currency
  • There will be no subscription model in Parallel Zombies – once you make a purchase in-game, you will forever be a ‘VIP’. VIPs enjoy 30% more experience points after completing missions.

I am not a big Zombie game player but I will be playing this one.  From what I saw, the game is well done, well thought out,  has great graphics, a nice balance of solo and team play and and a lot of zombie killing! You can head over to Parallel Zombie and create your own character now or wait until the game comes out. If you like Parallel Mafia, you should like this game no problem.  The game will arrive on July 19th, so you have a few weeks to prepare for the next zombie invasion.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan