App Name: U Plus

Description:  It’s called U+ because that’s all you need to do.  U+ is a “simple” game that can be played quickly.  The U+ puzzle grid contains 35 numbers which form a combination of 19 simple adding sums that interlink both down and across the screen. Puzzles are generated by removing sixteen of the 35 numbers from a solution and placing them in the ‘Missing number’ area.

To solve a puzzle, you must look at the puzzle screen and decide if you can place a number. To place a number, you simply touch the number in the ‘Missing Numbers’ area  and select the blank box on the puzzle grid where you think it should go.  If a number is placed incorrectly you must touch the number again to clear it from the puzzle grid and return it to the ‘Missing Numbers’ area.

There are four levels of difficulty which are governed by the size of the ‘adding numbers’ (in the square boxes) from 1 to 20 for the easiest level and from 1 to 80 for the hardest. A cool little math puzzle game.

Cost: $1.08 USD

Developer: U+ puzzle game

Market: Android

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan