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Eat My Waves – Riptide GP

App Name: Riptide GP Description: Riptide GP is a console-quality water racing game for Android. It features super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections (dual core only), and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments. The app is enhanced for Tegra 3 devices-Tegra 3 players get extra-high-detailed normal-mapped waves, realistic water splashes on the ...

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New Android App – Magic 101

 NewApp: Magic 101 Description: A new video based app for your Android device, to help you learn the secrets magicians don’t want you to learn. Inside you will find both beginner and intermediate level tricks including: Coin Thru Class, Simple Mind Reading, Coin & Pencil Vanish, Torn and Restored Bill, ...

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New Android App – GuitarBTX

 NewApp: GuitarBTX Description: GuitarBTX is the useful tool for guitarists to practice scales in a musical context. The full version includes 35 mp3 backing tracks along with tablature for all of the scales. The tracks are streamed from a server, which reduces the size of the application. New backing tracks ...

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