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Decimals: Addition [Android]

App Name: Decimals: Addition [Android] Cost: $ 2.99 Developer: Mango Learning Inc App Market: Download Page Description: A game designed for students from Grades Five to Eight, “Decimals: Addition” teaches concepts of addition of decimals through an entertaining and visually appealing format. It incorporates the standards and curriculum prescribed by ...

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Spacedraw- Android Drawing App

App Name: Spacedraw- Android Drawing App Cost: Free / $4.99 USD Developer: Scalisoft App Market: Download Page Description: Spacedraw is a full-featured 3d-modeling software designed for tablets & smartphones. With the app you can: •drawing / polygon & patch modeling / texturing / 3d-painting •use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout •for ...

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Math Twister [Android App]

App Name: Math Twister [Android App] Cost: Free Developer: easy IT is App Market: Download Page Description: Maths Twister is a new game is based on maths questions and challenges the player’s ability to answer maths questions under a high pressure environment. The game has four difficulty settings. ...

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