One of the biggest “issues” that I see with eSports is that there are so many different games and tournaments out there. Unlike traditional sports where there are a set number of games and teams/leagues, eSports covers so many right now.   The whole sport, industry, and business of eSports is still in its infancy.

When looking at the mobile games currently active within the eSports community, I only know of three. Please let me know if there are any that I missed.

  • Hearthstone
  • Clash Royale
  • Vainglory

I love all three and play them all the time.  I am not good enough to be a “professional” but that does not matter.

For those unfamiliar with these games, check out their quick trailers.

In the near future, I am planning on have a mobile eSports tournament with one of these games, so start practicing!

One question, I have is “what makes a mobile game good for eSports?”  Here is what I am thinking so far:

1. Has to be a multi-player game (of course), either team or single play
2. Cross platform would be helpful but not critical
3. Free, fun to play and relatvely simple to understand
4. Focuses on strategy more than luck

With this in mind, there are a few other games coming out soon that should be joining the ranks of mobile eSports, and when they do, I will post about them here.

So am I missing any games? What do you think of the mobile eSports? Let me know below.