I am always on the lookout for some new games to try. Here are three I recently received some information on. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Jump Buddies (Android, iOS)

In this game, you need have your buddies jump through the maze full of shadows, traps and obstacles. As you progress you will unlock new characters and discover how new characters.

Game features:
– Beautiful world of dangerous caves to explore
– 26 unlockable characters
– Leaderboards
– Exploration marker to track progress

Triangle (Android, iOS)

Attention all geometry students….Triangle 180 is an easy puzzle game, just connect three dots in the same color to draw a triangle. I was not good in geometry but I think I can draw some triangles.

Monster Car Hill Racer 2 (Android)

You are the only one left to save this monstrous world and hill climb your way to the castle of where the fallen undead zombies have their safe-haven. This new division of zombies are not easy to beat, use the winnings from every mission to upgrade your monster car.

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