Well this game is finally out. Have you tried it yet? I have and agree with most folks, it is a lot of fun and has a ton of depth with it. Instead of doing a formal review I thought I would cut to the chase and give you my pros and cons of the game and then some links to other sites for reviews, game information, and commentary on the game.

ARC’s PROs for Clash Royale

  • Free to play
  • Easy to learn the basics
  • Fast games (~3 minutes)
  • Challenging game play and strategy
  • Great Graphics
  • Not a resource hog- space on phone or data used

ARC’s CONs for Clash Royale

  • Long wait times to open chests (without paying for them)
  • Hard to earn gold in game (without paying for it)
  • No way to organize cards in your decks or hand  (i.e. sort by type, rarity, elixir)
  • No spell check in clan chat area (font is pretty small too on small screen)

Will these cons keep me from playing the game? No and I understand these are used to help make money in the game.

Since the game is relatively new, it will be neat to see where the game goes and the future updates that Supercell will employee.  Until then, I will be taking on opponents around the world and seeing if my deck will beat theirs. Happy Clashing!


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