TeachMate365 is a unified education platform for schools and institutions serving students with special needs.

A revolutionary all-in-one platform, TeachMate365 enables educators to provide differentiated and personalized instruction for their diverse student population using a comprehensive set of research-based tools to successfully build academic and life skills. The cloud-based platform enables educators, therapists and parents to collaborate and share lessons and ideas across a school district or within their community. Student profiles, lessons and visu al support aids can sync across multiple mobile devices so that everyone working with a student is connected and learning is continuous in every environment.


  • Data Tracking
  • Administrative Portal
  • Visual Scene Displays (VSDs)
  • Full Sentence Builder (Grid-Based AAC)
  • Video Modeling
  • Visual Schedules
  • Visual Stories
  • Community Content Library
  • 12,000 SymbolStix symbols
  • GPS Enabled
  • Accessibility Features
Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan