Do you have a smartphone? Do you need to charge it? 🙂 Then you should take a look at the PowerSkin PowerStand. This is a small, lightweight charger for your phone, tablet or other electronic device. The PowerSkin PowerStand has a 2800 mAh battery so you can charge your device and not be connected to the wall outlet.

The stand has suction cups to hold up the device so you can watch a movie or check some emails. Now if you have a hard case on the phone the suction cups will not work well. Also due to the small size of the stand, I would not recommend it for a larger tablet.


I found the stand provides a slow but steady charge, thus if you are in a hurrry, this charger is not the best. Also if the phone rings while it is charging, you best use the speaker phone since it is somewhat awkward to talk on the phone with the stand attached.

Overall it is not a bad charger and I definitely like having a portable battery around. If you are looking for charging stand or portable battery PowerSkin PowerStand should fit the bill but there are many options out there so do some investigating before you buy.

Find out more about the stand over at the  Powerskin website.


Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan