Independent mobile game developer Tequila Games today announced that it has opened beta testing registration for its forthcoming digital collectible card game Earthcore: Shattered Elements. The title will be released in Q1 2015 on iOS for iPad & iPhone. The beta test will only give 100 players an exclusive access to the game, but 10 AppReviewCentral readers can get a special invite!

Earthcore: Shattered Elements promises to bring a completely new gameplay experience to the popular digital collectible card game (CCG) genre by introducing several new and unique features including Card Crafting. Card Crafting will give players the ability to fuse card abilities together to create brand new, powerful cards that suit their tactical goals and in-game strategy. With over 500,000 possible card combinations, Earthcore promises to deliver highly competitive duels where the player’s skill and creative thinking are as important as the cards they have in their hand.

Earthcore features card battles based on the 3 element logic like in the rock-paper-scissor game. Each card has up to 3 skills that will change the outcome of the fight if used at the right moment. The more skills a card has the higher its risk value. The game gives players complete freedom to create the cards they want with the Card Crafting tool: the outcome is always predictable and there are 500,000 possible combinations. The single-player campaign is heavily story driven, while the multi-player campaign is based on Elo rankings.

Check out the trailer below and if you want to try an get in, register for the beta at

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Ok App Review Central readers-want an invite? Simply tweet about this post and the game using the hashtag #ARCrocks  (get it rocks, earthcore? LOL) and I will pick winners at random. Thanks!


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