Well  about  ten years after the Gold Rush swept California, silver has just been discovered in the Nevada Mountains. 1849: Nevada Silver is a new expansion pack for the fun city management game 1849 from SomaSim.


If you already own the game, you should now see a new IAP for $1.99 USD for the expansion pack.  I reviewed 1849 previously and really enjoyed it. I have not played it in a while so I decided to take this time to crack it open again.  Well I was surprised to see that a Sandbox mode was also recently added to the game. This was something I wanted to see way back when. The Sandbox mode is almost more fun than the story mode since it is wide open and you can play what you want.

The expansion pack adds plenty of new game play. There is a story mode and a sandbox mode for Nevada.

  • Six new cities/scenarios
  • There are trains now and you  will have to work with trains and their schedules for the delivery. The trading system in Nevada is completely redone.
  • New resources and buildings have been added.
  • The last two levels have landmark buildings to construct – the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Virginia City and the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City.


Android version

iPad version


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Larry Sullivan