Sorry I missed last weeks- been busy working on a new project. So what is new this week?


Wakamigo  (Expected Release Date March 20 2014)

Wakamigo is a free social alarm clock. What is that? This app, coming to both Android and iOS will allow you and your friends to wake each other up with personal fun voice messages.  I wonder if I could use it with my teenagers?!




Curiosity: The Question Game (Expected Release Date March 20 2014)

Kids create questions and challenge their friends to answer them on this free iPhone app.





Speedoodle: The Quick-Draw Friend Game (Expected Release Date March 31 2014)

sSpeedoodle is a new fun doodling app. Friends will work together to transform simple doodles into beautiful masterpieces. Using the theme of the day, player 1 will draw a scribble called a “speedoodle”. Once their turn is up, the speedoodle is sent to player 2, who will use the colorize palette to embellish, decorate the doodle. When they are done, it is automatically submitted to the speedoodle network for rating and is displayed on both users devices so they can upload to Twitter and Facebook.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan