TEL AVIV and SEATTLE – August 29, 2013 – Perion, developer of Incredimail for iPad, revealed today the results of a new survey that it conducted of Android tablet owners. The survey showed that there is higher usage of email on Android tablets but lower satisfaction than amongst iPad owners. The survey results are now released as the company unveiled a new upgraded version of Incredimail for iPad that includes support for the much requested POP3 email standard.

Key Comparisons:

Android tablet owners are heavier email users and are 20% more likely to check email “all the time” (10 or more times per day) than iPad owners. However, Android tablet owners report lower satisfaction levels with email on the device with 19% of Android owners extremely satisfied, and 7.5% not satisfied. In comparison, 37% of iPad owners were extremely satisfied and only 3% were not satisfied.

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Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan