Within a half dozen years, the smartphone industry has flourished, boomed, and shows no signs of stopping. At this point in history, nearly half of mobile devices in use have smartphone capabilities, and it shouldn’t take another six years until these devices become universal.

In other words, the smartphone market is a gold mine with vast reserves left. The manufacturers know this, and that’s why they keep flaunting new devices just about every year: hoping to either hook in new clients, or to tempt the established users to spend more money to upgrade their smartphones.

Enter 2013, and the power balance has shifted! For the first time since Apple came out with the iPhone, they’ve had their throne usurped. Samsung is now ahead in terms of units sold and profitability; and the two companies control more than half of the market!

If you’d like to get a quick overview of the smartphone wars for this year, check out the infographic below.

Dom had this infographic created to help his readers at Dom’s Tech Blog get an overview of what’s going on with the smartphone wars.


Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan