App Name: Toddler Time! for iPad [iOS]

Cost: $2.99

Developer: Picoman Games

App Market: Download Page


Toddler Time! for iPad is an amazing way to educate your young children using the intuitive touch screen device. With fun animations, high quality images, professional voice talent and easy navigation, Toddler Time! for iPad encourages children to repeat & copy – helping to enhance their vocabulary & knowledge. The fun sound effects and eye-catching colors add an excitement which will keep them engrossed every time they use the app.


– Great Professional Voice Talent.
– Uncompressed audio files for maximum clarity.
– High resolution images and graphics.
– Twelve animated characters.
– Twelve menus to choose from.
– 120 screens of educational content.

The twelve animated characters appear throughout the application and can be summoned at any time by touching an empty portion of the screen. They include a Bee, Ladybird, Snail, Butterfly, Crab, Goldfish, Jellyfish, Octopus, Pig, Hedgehog, Sheep and Chicken.

Toddler Time! for iPad is filled with content containing; 166 spoken words, 150 pictures, 120 educational screens, 88 sound effects and 22 animations. This is a must-have educational application for any parent to use as a fun teaching aid.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan