App Name: WishLab [iOS]

Cost: Free

Developer: Bumperapps

App Market: Download Page


Track your progress on each wish and capture your everyday thoughts, actions and feelings. Add photos and videos and put your wishes on a wish board for better visualization, focus and interaction.

WishLab will remind you of the things that matter the most with email alerts and push-notifications so that you can achieve goals and realize dreams. For extra motivation you should also check out the Wall of Inspiration that shows achieved wishes from people all around the world.


– Create and manage your dreams
– Set time frames to achieve them
– Fill your wish library with photos, videos and notes
– Chart your progress with everyday thoughts, feelings and actions
– Get push notifications and email alerts to remember to work on your goals
– Visualize your desires on a wish board
– Find inspiration in the wishes and accomplishments of others via the Wall of Inspiration
– Keep a diary of your fulfilled dreams and share your success story
– Share your thoughts, photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan