App Name: YouMail Visual Voicemail

Description: Last month, YouMail announced that 75 Million People Have Now Used YouMail  (17.5 million unique users interacting with its service each month) and that they released of their new app for Android.

A primary feature of the app is the ability to easily access and assign any of YouMail’s millions of unique greetings (featuring President Obama, Will Ferrell and many others: to any contact in-app.

The Android app has now ported every major feature of the YouMail website to the app itself — including their last update’s introduction of in-app blocking of creepers — the first of YouMail’s smartphone apps to do so (YouMail is also available on BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone 7)

Some other features:

  • Scroll and play voice messages on any device
  • Visual caller ID
  • Smart greetings
  • Caller ditching
  • Total ownership
  • Easy contact backup and sync with Facebook: access your contacts on any device.

Cost: Free

DeveloperYouMail, Inc

Market: Google Play


WhoAreYou a  feature-rich caller ID, call blocking and text blocking app for your Android phone has also  been recently updated. Some of the new features in WhoAreYou:

  • A completely new, smoother UI
  • Instant ID of all spam calls, as determined by YouMail/WhoAreYou’s extensive caller ID directory
  • Simpler tools to report spam calls
  • One-click text reply to incoming callers when the WhoAreYou user is unavailable