App Name: mTimeCard – Effectively Manage Staff Timekeeping and Attendance

Cost: Free

Developer: Sirma Mobile

App Market: Download Page


mTimeCard is designed to meet the requirements of organizations that have a small number of employees and a relatively low volume of sales, which hire temps and seasonal workers or part-time staff, working on shifts and pay them on a flat fee base. The app is developed for both iOS and Android phones and lets SMBs easily monitor their employees’ timekeeping and attendance.

mTimeCard is easy to use and sign up. The owner sets up a work site, then adds the employees and allocates the job, scheduling the personnel roster. It enables each employee to individually check in and out on his/her mobile handset at any business location. The system sends an SMS or email notification to registered workers if there are unanticipated delays.

The app provides managers with the essential functionality they need to run their business –monitoring attendance at the venue/work site and recording the hours their staff actually worked. The recent release of the app offers enhanced reporting. Owners may check their employees work history to look for patterns – showing up late, leaving early. It also allows employees to check that their individual working hours have been logged, so they can be assured their time will be paid. All features are usable by the owner.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan