App: TalkOver

DeveloperIce Dragon Trade and Logistics Limited

Cost: Free

Market: Android


TalkOver is a relatively new app on the Android Market that makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends or make new ones. To get  started with TalkOver, you simply sign in with Facebook login. Once your account is register you are ready to talk!

The TalkOver interface is very nicely done, pretty easy to figure out, and does not take up a lot of real estate on the screen. When you log in, the system has a small explanation on the screen of what each window does, but after a minute or two you should know your way around.

The app is divided into 3 feeds:

  • MyFeed – this is the chat feed for your feeds, or the chats you join.
  • Global Feed – this is the chat feed for all that is going on in TalkOver
  • Interesting- this area is broken down into various categories like WHL&NHL, Photography, Comics, Good Food, etc.

I definitely like having the separation of feeds, this way I can easily keep up with friends or topics I am chatting about vs having to sift through a huge global list. Also TalkOver will run in the background if you like and provide notifications of new responses or chats, so you won’t miss them. You can easily turn this off if you are no longer chatting.

To add a friend to TalkOver, you simply can choose them from the list of current Facebook friends and the app will send them an invite. Once they are on TalkOver they will appear in your TalkOver contact area. You can also add new folks from the global chat area. Simply click on their avatar and learn a bit about them.

To create a chat, you simply enter its name and add an image if you like. You are also provided the option to make it a private chat or share on Facebook. Once you create one, it will appear in your MyChat section. When you are done with a chat, you can delete it from your MyChat area and take is it.

TalkOver is really simple and an easy way to keep in touch with friends. Why use TalkOver vs. texting or Facebook directly? With TalkOver you are only chatting, so you can filter a lot of the stuff you seen in Facebook timelines. Also with TalkOver you are not using your minutes or SMS to have your messages sent. You can easily setup private chat and share photos. The app works very well, the chats and media load quickly, faster than Facebook on my Droid X.

Finally TalkOver has a desktop interface you access by log in at The web interface is very, very close to the same layout as the app. So you can real time chat with friends via the Web or app. Click on the image below to see a sample screenshot.

So if you are looking for an easy to use app to chat with friends or family, give TalkOver a try. The app is free and setup is quick. I particularly like the web interface giving me two ways to connect with folks.