Sports betting is still a very popular activity worldwide in spite of the sweeping restrictions that have hit major football leagues. Punters still enjoy betting on football, tennis, American sports and have largely migrated to online gambling. They enjoy the unmatched convenience and also the fact that this type of betting is perfect in the context of a global pandemic. It is much easier to respect social distancing rules when you don’t have to visit a local betting parlor. Mobile betting makes the experience even more exciting by allowing players to wager from anywhere, as long as they have a decent Internet connection.

A sports betting springboard for beginners

One of the main reasons why people are so excited about the prospect of sports betting is that they have some degree of control over their gambling. Unlike casino games that are governed solely by chance, betting on sports rewards those who undertake research. Casual players enjoy the activity just as much as veterans and even a small sized bet makes any game more exciting. The fact that mobile devices can be used for betting provides yet another incentive to turn the heat up a notch with a tiny wager.

In addition to providing recreational and savvy punters with a better environment for betting, mobile devices appeal to beginners. People who wouldn’t normally bet on sports are more likely to try this fun activity on smartphones and tablets. When people gather for drinks, while a football match is broadcasted in the background they are inclined to make it interesting. Mobile devices act as a conduit and with virtually everyone owning such a gadget, sports betting is suddenly available to the masses.

Pretty much every relevant bookmaker and online casino listed on offers punters the option of gambling on smartphones and tablets. The registration process is silky smooth and can be completed within minutes on handheld gadgets. This means that even people who haven’t wagered before on sports can set up an account within minutes. Impulse betting is made possible under these circumstances, so an evening out can easily turn into a fun sports betting session.

Exclusive bonuses for mobile punters

Promotions and financial rewards are used routinely by bookmakers to appeal to prospective players and convince them to tag along. Mobile bonuses used to be quite common among sports books trying to promote their mobile betting divisions. Today, there are fewer exclusive offers of this time and that is simply because mobile gaming is the rule. Finding a sports book that supports mobile gaming is no longer a pleasant surprise but a natural occurrence.

Even though exclusive bonuses for mobile devices are fewer nowadays, they can still be found with a little research. The odds of finding exclusive offers are remote, but all bonuses that can be claimed on PC are also available on mobile. This means that if they don’t enjoy preferential treatment, mobile punters are at least never at a disadvantage. They qualify for the same offers while enjoying the unmatched convenience of placing bets on mobile devices.