You have finally reached your dream destination and are all but ready to explore the place, but you have absolutely no clue whatsoever regarding where to start. Well, you won’t be the first or the last person on planet earth to face this dilemma. In this post we have tried compiling a list of the 5 best travel apps that you ought to have on your smartphone if you are thinking of exploring a new city:

Musement promises to be your perfect city guide regardless of the place you are in. It provides with information on the best attractions, bars, restaurants and even concerts happening around you. You even have the option of tailoring content as per your liking and choices. The app covers more than 350 cities around the world so you can be pretty sure that you are always in luck to find out the best place to wine, dine and enjoy some good time in the city you are traveling to. Musement also happens to be one of the best travel apps for iPhone.
There is no better arsenal for a traveler than having a travel research app on their smartphone. features more than 60,000 destinations worldwide with users reviewing places based on a variety of different aspects. If you are looking for cheap travels within a city then all you need do is set your preferences on the app and it will do the rest. It will manage your preferences and suggest the best places that you can visit as per your budget and liking.

No one knows a city better than its locals. If you have planned your vacation to a new place and don’t know jack about the place you are heading to then the Localeur app promises to be your personal guide. The app has a budding community of local tastemakers that provide the best recommendations on the best things in the cities. There is no one better than these local tastemakers to help you out in your endeavor of visiting new places in a city.

Looking for the best events near and around you? Well, look no further than Nearify. The app searches from more than 20 million events happening worldwide to provide you with the best options around you. Users also get the option of searching through an assortment of choices based on their likes and interests. You can see the events trending around you and make your way to the best option available. If you are looking for more such tips, then be sure to visit savvyexpeditioner. The site has daily updated content on the latest destinations around the world from expert reviewers.

If you are someone who prefers company whilst going out then this is the app for you. Meetup helps you meet up like-minded people in the vicinity that you can hang out with and enjoy some events together. Meetup is basically a listing of local events and groups near and around you. All it needs is your location to stir some magic and voila, you are golden.

Traveling is always fun but having a traveling guide in the form of an app is like a wish come true. Make sure to check these apps out today.