Press Release: BrightLocker, a new crowdpublishing platform created by a diverse group of video game industry veterans, is set to redefine the crowdfunding landscape for videogames with a platform that goes beyond simply allowing backers to fund projects. BrightLocker is the first platform to allow its community to actually participate in the funding, creation, selection and development of games.

Preparing for live launch in early 2016, the BrightLocker platform is now accepting signups for its Closed Beta testing, which will begin in early December.

“In the traditional crowdfunding model for videogames, consumers play the role of a pay-and-pray bystander, often backing games that never get made,” said Ruben Cortez, CEO, BrightLocker, Inc.  “BrightLocker will ensure that every game that gets funded actually gets made and published. We use the power of the crowd to put the ‘fun’ in funding, engaging with users throughout the entire development process, giving gamers the chance to imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money.”

By gamifying the process, BrightLocker rewards gamers at every step of the crowdpublishing process, from game concept through development to launch. For active members of the community, the platform and process are unique opportunities to make their favorite ideas become reality – all while earning rewards, achievements, and currency they can use on the platform and in future games, creating a never-ending virtuous cycle.

In addition to benefits for players, BrightLocker is also attractive for developers. Crowdpublishing on BrightLocker allows developers to work on games ‘pre-approved’ by gamers, reducing user acquisition cost and making development more efficient, dramatically increasing a titles chances of being a hit product. The games on BrightLocker are not limited to any one platform.