Match-3 games are all the rage. Overall they are good fun and a great time waster. Today we are starting a new series, of hopefully weekly articles listing some of the neat games out there for Android and iOS devices. Today we are looking at match-3 games. There are quite a few but here are the top 7 games.

1. Jolly Jam

Jolly Jam is a vividly colored game that adds a new element to the match-3 genre. Just drag the corners to draw a box and collect all the jellies inside. Collect the number of jellies displayed to complete each level.

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2. Match-3 Quest Pandora

This is a popular match-3 game has a few different things going for i.t: monsters, skills, and heroes. Check the shop for leveling improvements, spin the wheel of fortune for prizes, and improve your team. Complete each level and play in different locations.

Download for Android 

3. Wonderland

Wonderland received 4 out of 5 stars on Google Play and has over 450 levels. It has large items and prompts to help you match items. Let your friends know you are playing by logging into a social network site including Facebook. It has a cute puppy and kid-friendly graphics. 🙂

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4. Booty Quest

This game has a great tutorial to get you started and exciting, timed rounds. Match 3 as quickly as possible to receive the highest score; challenge your friends too. It’s great score board will keep you wanting to play again.

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5. Atlantis Adventure

Match 3 jewels in a row or column in Atlantis Adventure. Unlike other match-3 games, this one has a limit on the number of moves you can make. Reach a certain score or clear away a set number of tiles before you run out of moves.

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6. Disco Bees

If you prefer a game that isn’t restricted by square grids, try Disco Bees. This match-3 game lets you connect three items by moving them diagonally. After completing a stage, enjoy the dancing Waggle.

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7. Candy Crush Saga

The one that seemed to start it all. Reach the target score within the allotted moves to complete the level. Match three in a row to win. Unlock boosters to score faster and collect more candy. You can log into Facebook as well.

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Out of these seven games, I would recommend downloading Booty Quest. It’s well-designed, has a great interface, and is fun to play. All seven are free to download, and each one offers in-app purchases, such as diamonds and coins.