The Android platform has become quite popular and more and more malicious users are coding viruses and programs which aim to steal private information from your smartphone. The best way to protect yourself from these programs is to install an anti-virus application which protects your phone from spyware, malware and viruses. There are many anti-virus applications available for purchase on the Android Market, but only few of them are worth the money.


Lookout is more than an anti-virus app. It tracks device functionality, makes cloud backups and works as an anti-virus. This is definitely a unique security tool which is mandatory for users who want the best protection for their phone. The app scans applications and folders in order to find any malicious code which may be a threat to your phone. The default setting of the application scans one per day, but you can tweak it to scan more regularly.


ESET is the company which stands behind NOD32 – one of the most popular anti-virus applications for computers. Thankfully, the company also offers an anti-virus, anti-spam and theft protection application for the Android platform. The application can scan your entire device to find any potential threats. It also features a call-blacklisting function in case you want to block a certain phone number. This application is definitely one of the most effective, because it scans everything you download on your phone and performs a full device scan once a day.


AVG is another popular PC application which is also available for Android devices. This app can do device back-ups and scan your entire devices for threats and malicious software. It features a unique function which allows you to wipe your phone’s data in case you lose it. All this is done via a web-based remote management feature. The app scans folders, apps, text message links, browsing history and many other locations for viruses. It can also scan your settings to find potential holes in the security.

Dr. Web

Dr.Web doesn’t have any extra features like the other programs, but it very light and perfect for those of you who want to have more free resources on their Android device. The application scans all downloads and connected SD cards in order to find potential threats before they inflict any damage to your system. It also performs a daily scan on your system.

We know that today everyone want to equip his smartphone or system with lots of wonderful apps but security comes at the top when we talk about using technology. So if you are also a tech geek or frequently visit online world for various purposes you must know about the security apps you can use to make your system protected against all possible cyber assaults lurking in the online world today.

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